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Women of the bible.

On Friday I set the challenge in our Fellowship group to name as many women of the bible as we could. We managed 26, a quick google search told me there are 93 women who speak in the bible, 49 of whom are named (Source: If there are so few speaking, named and remembered… Continue reading Women of the bible.


Guest post from Gina Sampson

Today's blog post is the first of this year's guest posts and comes to us from the amazing Gina of Rising Up Fearless. LOSE THE RELIGION Friends, we’re all in question… It’s time that we get real with God and unlearn the dysfunctional perceptions of this walk as followers of Christ based on a religious… Continue reading Guest post from Gina Sampson

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A Call For Guest Bloggers

This year our retreats and events are all coming under the general theme “Women of God”. This is taking shape in many ways with us looking at what it means to us and for us as well as looking at specific women of the bible over the course of the year. As part of this… Continue reading A Call For Guest Bloggers


New retreat! May 2019.

On the 3rd of May we're heading off again for another retreat weekend. Our theme is Faith over fear and we'll be focusing on turning away from the lies we believe about ourselves and replacing them with God's truth. This time we're travelling to a large family home near Port Patrick and Stranraer in Dumfries… Continue reading New retreat! May 2019.

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Rest in The Lord Retreat Round-up

Cake! They say one sign of friendship is the creation of inside jokes. If that is true, and our November retreat was an episode of Friends it may have been called “The one with the Monkey-Dog”. While the weekend didn't run completely smoothly, like to think these inside jokes are a sign that we did… Continue reading Rest in The Lord Retreat Round-up