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Women of the bible.

On Friday I set the challenge in our Fellowship group to name as many women of the bible as we could. We managed 26, a quick google search told me there are 93 women who speak in the bible, 49 of whom are named (Source: If there are so few speaking, named and remembered… Continue reading Women of the bible.


Guest post from Gina Sampson

Today's blog post is the first of this year's guest posts and comes to us from the amazing Gina of Rising Up Fearless. LOSE THE RELIGION Friends, we’re all in question… It’s time that we get real with God and unlearn the dysfunctional perceptions of this walk as followers of Christ based on a religious… Continue reading Guest post from Gina Sampson

Re:Treat Ministries UK

Worship with Re:Treat Ministries UK

I recently had a retreat meeting with my fabulous friend Ruth who is my second-in-command for our November retreat. We went through the running order of the retreat and worked on areas we thought we could improve upon now that we know who will be attending. One of the topics that we focussed on was… Continue reading Worship with Re:Treat Ministries UK

Re:Treat Ministries UK

The Importance of Bible Study and Group Bible Study.

I started attending church at the age of 7. I went to Sunday School, then Bible Class, then Youth Fellowship. But I never came across the idea of independent Bible study in a meaningful way until I attended a Scripture Union Scotland camp in 2005 where “quiet times” were mentioned. Most people nodded and seemed… Continue reading The Importance of Bible Study and Group Bible Study.


Virtual Retreat Round-up – September 2018

At the end of last month, we held our first Virtual Retreat! Thank you to everyone who took part, read the works, did the crafts, rejoiced in song, and prayed for guidance and understanding throughout the weekend and beyond. For this retreat we focused on Psalm 46: 1 God is our shelter and strength, always… Continue reading Virtual Retreat Round-up – September 2018