Retreat Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 01/March/2019
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No contract shall exist until the completed booking form is submitted and a Payment or a Deposit has been made and a Confirmation Receipt has been issued.

Registration is not deemed complete until the complete booking form has been submitted and the deposit has been paid. If only one of these is done registration will not be considered complete and a time limit of 14 days will be set. At the end of the 14 days the registration will be reset.

If only the deposit has been paid but no registration form, the deposit will be refunded.

If only the registration for has been completed but no deposit paid, the registration form will be deleted.

Where only a deposit is paid at the time of submitting the booking form, full payment of the balance due must be made 4 weeks before the retreat commences. Ideally payments should be made in full, if you wish to make partial payments please request a Paypal invoice to facilitate this. Failure to do so may result in the Re:Treat Ministries UK exercising its right to cancel your booking(s) and to charge the applicable cancellation charges set out below.

Payments may be made in the following ways:

Paypal: An invoice will be sent to your email address

Bank Transfers: Tide Account Number: 14160265 Sort Code: 23-69-72

Cheque: Made payable to Mrs Fiona McCormick and sent to the address listed below.

A health and safety evaluation of all accommodation is completed at the start of each retreat and is available to view at any time upon request. While your health and safety is important to us it is still your responsibility. We expect an medical and food allergy information to be disclosed during booking and no responsibility can be taken for information not given before the commencement of the retreat. All food will be prepared with known allergies in mind however it is consumed at your own risk and Re:Treat Ministries UK holds no responsibility for potential reactions.

While we appreciate that many parents of young children could benefit from a retreat we are, regrettably, unable to accommodate anyone under the age of 18. If you feel your child is to young too leave at home then please wait until they are older before you consider joining us.

Though our retreat spaces are limited, we will endeavour to treat cancellations sympathetically using the following structure:

Where the attendee cancels within 30 days of making the booking – As long at this is more than 8 weeks before the start of the retreat a full refund will be issued.

Where the attendee cancels after 30 days of making the booking and more than 12 weeks before the start of the retreat – A full refund minus deposit will be issued OR attendee may transfer to another retreat held within 1 calendar year.

Where the attendee cancels after 30 days of making the booking and between 12 and 8 weeks before the retreat – A 50% refund minus deposit will be issued OR attendee may transfer to another retreat held within 1 calendar year.

Where the attendee cancels after 30 days of making the booking and between 8 and 4 weeks before the retreat – A 25% refund minus deposit will be issued OR attendee may transfer to another retreat held within 1 calendar year.

Where the attendee cancels after 30 days of making the booking and less than 4 weeks before the retreat – No refund will be given but attendee may be able transfer to another retreat held within 1 calendar year subject to discussion.

Cancellation for any reason should be notified to us in writing or by email to the contact details below.

Where Re:Treat Ministries UK has to cancel a retreat all monies paid up to the date of cancellation will be refunded in full.

In order to attend Re:Treat Ministries UK retreats we recommend that guests have travel insurance. This can be arranged through most travel agents or found online.

Costs include, full board accommodation in a twin room shared with other women (or a triple room when accommodation requires it), bible study materials, and small gift bag. Discounts are available for certain volunteer roles on a case by case basis.

Re:Treat Ministries UK does not accept liability for theft or damage to personal possessions; personal injuries or medical conditions that develop during or after the holiday; or any costs, cancellations or changes incurred as a result of fire, natural disaster, war or threat of war, industrial action, technical problems with transport, airport closure or any other events beyond our control.

At the time of going to press, all the itinerary items listed will have been confirmed by the respective leader and volunteers. If, for any reason, a change becomes necessary we shall do our utmost to replace them with an item of similar qualities. Wherever possible you will be advised in advance of any alterations. If changes must be made during a retreat for reasons other than safety, they will be subject to mutual agreement from all attendees and no refund will be issued unless specifically requested at the time of change.

Attendees understand that participating in an Re:Treat Ministries UK retreat is done so entirely at their own risk. That a weekend of bible study and fellowship may lead to a new empowered, relaxed state that may be detrimental to that feeling of being stressed out and unable to cope you arrived with. However this feeling may not last and constant top-ups through daily bible devotion are encouraged. In addition, the experience of drawing closer to God may leave attendees feeling more content with life, more patient with their loved ones and less worried. Again this may only be temporary and bible study and prayer are recommended to maintain.

Should you wish to contact Re:Treat Ministries UK with questions, payments or to cancel your booking please do so in one of the following ways:


Re:Treat Ministries UK,
74 Hermitage Avenue,
G13 3QP