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Women of the bible.

On Friday I set the challenge in our Fellowship group to name as many women of the bible as we could. We managed 26, a quick google search told me there are 93 women who speak in the bible, 49 of whom are named (Source:

If there are so few speaking, named and remembered women of the bible, what does that mean for female Christians today? In a world where we are fighting for gender equality, what does it mean when the book we are supposed to turn to for instruction, example and guidance hardly mentions us?

Well, lets look at where these women are mentioned and what they’re doing, if we do, a pattern starts to emerge. These women, Esther, Sarah, Miriam, Ruth, Abigail, Deborah, Mary (any of them), even the woman at the well, the woman with bleeding, they all had one thing in common. Faith. A faith in God that gave them strength and courage and hope. It helped Deborah lead an army. It helped Esther save her people. It cured the woman with bleeding. The women of the bible are not weak side characters sprinkled in to make us feel like part of the story. They are the game changers, the world shakers, the great role models that we need. I don’t think we need many of them, I think we just need to remember them.

This is something that God has really put on my heart this year and it has shaped all the posts you’ll see from me on Facebook and Instagram and here on the blog over Lent. I hope to get to know these women more, to learn their stories and see their influence on the world, to see their faith and to learn to live by example. I would love for you to join me on this journey as we look at these role models for us in the bible.