New retreat! May 2019.

A large two story house sits at the top of an empty lawn with a clouded blue sky and woods in the background.

On the 3rd of May we’re heading off again for another retreat weekend. Our theme is Faith over fear and we’ll be focusing on turning away from the lies we believe about ourselves and replacing them with God’s truth.

This time we’re travelling to a large family home near Port Patrick and Stranraer in Dumfries and Galloway. This house has an usual layout but enough space for 7 of us to enjoy some fellowship, bible study and relaxation.

The bible study is still being finalized as a wonderful friend is creating a bespoke one just for us. It will focus on being fearless and is definitely something you don’t want to miss. Be sure to keep your eyes open for a future guest blog post from this fabulous woman.

I will also be hosting a workshop using the brilliant “Fearless Laughter” workbook sourced from the lovely Rebecca at Grace and Salt Ink. These workbooks are great for analysing your fears and working through them using biblical truth, they have greatly helped me in the past few months so I know they can make a difference for you. Every attendee with receive a workbook to take home with them.

Worship will also be led by myself, as last time. Following our theme of banishing our fears using the truth of God’s word we will be using resources from Seeds Family Worship, specifically Seeds of Courage. These are selected bible verses set to music, a great way to help you memorise biblical truths to recall later.

New for this retreat we will also be introducing morning yoga sessions. These will take place at 7am on the Saturday and Sunday and, while non-compulsory, will hopefully bring a great start to your day. We’ll be using videos provided by Grace x Strength yoga a Christian yoga group based in Australia who have kindly agreed to let us use some of their Christ centred yoga videos.

Our meals will once again be selected from the menu curated by Susannah Alexander of Nutrition with Susannah. These meals proved popular last time so you can rest assured that you’ll be well fed.

The bookstall will once again be provided by GLO bookshop in Motherwell who are happy to source things for us if they don’t normally stock it. So if there is something you would specifically like to see on the bookstall please let me know.

Registration is now open so you can check out the webpage here to find out a bit more and register.