Lovingly made by Wee Happy Cakery

Rest in The Lord Retreat Round-up

Lovingly made by Wee Happy Cakery

They say one sign of friendship is the creation of inside jokes. If that is true, and our November retreat was an episode of Friends it may have been called “The one with the Monkey-Dog”. While the weekend didn’t run completely smoothly, like to think these inside jokes are a sign that we did at least manage to relax enough to share in some friendship and fun.

Of the 4 bible study sessions planned we managed 1, which we split over 2 days. Instead of being a failure,this meant we were able to go deeper and have a more personal discussion about our faith than we might otherwise have done. This turned out to be a good compromise which was mutually agreed on after circumstances beyond our control affected the weekend. We’ve also been continuing the bible study (Rest and Release by Courtney Joseph*) in our secret Facebook group to get the most out of it.

One highlight of the weekend was an essential oils workshop run by Jane Buchan of Serenity Essentials UK, this was a welcome moment of calm in what had been an unexpectedly chaotic 24 hours and we would definitely welcome Jane back at future events local to her.

Another highlight was the cake you can see at the top f this post. It was beautifully handcrafted and delivered by Rebecca at The Wee Happy Cakery. A definite welcome sugar hit we had giant slices of this tasty cake after lunch and dinner each day and still had some left over at the end.

Overall this weekend taught me more on how to be flexible with the schedule and take everyone’s energy levels and moods into account. But the biggest thing of all, which I think everyone in attendance would agree on, is the knowledge that God is bigger than anything we face and He always has a plan, even when it doesn’t quite match ours.

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